Black Widow - (Essentials Package) Portable Key Cutting Machine With Smart Phone/Tablet Support

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The Black Widow stands as a potent, convenient, cost-effective, multifunctional key-cutting device. With full automation, computerization, and contemporary design, it outperforms others in its category by swiftly producing and replicating a vast array of keys.

Capable of cutting double-sided, high-security, and Tibbe car keys, as well as single-sided automotive keys, residential/commercial keys, dimple keys, and even tubular keys, the Black Widow covers a comprehensive range of key types.

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  1. Developed & Supported in America: Product development, technical support, and repairs are performed right here in America by Lock Labs (in the Pacific Time Zone).

  2. Continuous Improvements: Because this machine is developed by locksmiths here in America, we are continuously adding new features, new key types, and new optimizations at least once a month. Who else does that?

  3. Personalized: Included in the Black Widow mobile app is a fantastic Favorites menu that gives skilled locksmiths the fastest way to find keys quickly, as well as a Cut History screen that chronologically shows all of the work you've done in the past, including key types, key cuts, and searchable notes.

  4. Organized: It may sound like a small thing, but tool storage is so important with modern key machines. Use the integrated storage compartment to keep all of your cutters, tracers, and other accessories safe and in one place.

  5. All-in-One Jaws: Includes a single, patented, 4-way "S1" jaw for almost all automotive keys, high security & edge-cut. Use the optional 2-way "S2" jaw for single-sided or double-sided edge-cut keys. No extra adapters or jaws to buy and swap like most other machines require.

  6. Easy Touchscreen Interface: Controlled wirelessly using the powerful optional tablet & stand, or feel free to use your own personal Android or iOS device. Designed with a super simple, professional, and friendly user interface.

  7. Clean: No more key shavings all over your work area! A large protective screen/shield keeps it all out of your eyes and guided into the removable chip tray.

  8. Strong & Powerful: The powerful 12,000 RPM brushless motor with a high-quality Japanese drive belt will keep your machine working strong for years and years.

  9. Flexible: The only machine that we know of with native 12V power. This allows you to power your Black Widow using the standard 110V power cable (included).

  10. Portable: Much lighter than most other key machines and includes a retractable carrying handle for convenient, one-handed portability.

Package Contents:
  • Black Widow key machine
  • Clear protective shield
  • S1 Jaw for Double-Sided Keys (TRJ1)
  • 2x Standard 1.0mm Decoder (TRD1)
  • 2.0mm Standard Replacement Cutter (TRC1)
  • 1.5mm Standard Replacement Cutter (TRC5)
  • Power cable for 110V power outlets
  • Thumb screw for jaw mount
  • 2.5mm Allen wrench for cutter/decoder collets
  • 1.5mm Allen wrench for S1 jaw
  • Calibration adapter
  • Shoulder-stop block (used for double-sided shoulder-stop keys)
  • Cleaning brush.
2 Years