Topdon Phoenix Plus OBD2 Bidirectional Diagnostic Scanner Tool and (Key Coding)

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Android 10.0

10.1” Touch Screen

2.0GHz Quad-core



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TOPDON Phoenix Plus: Advanced Hardware

The TOPDON Phoenix Plus is an Android10.0-based diagnostic scan tool featuring advanced hardware for efficient diagnostics. Equipped with a 10.1-inch touchscreen and 64GB ROM storage, it ensures smooth operation and ample storage capacity. With a battery life of over 10 hours, it provides extended usage during diagnostic sessions. This versatile tool supports diagnostics for over 10,000+ models after 1996, with ongoing updates available via One-Touch Wi-Fi software for 2 years.

Bi-directional Control

The Phoenix offers bi-directional control capabilities, allowing users to perform various tasks such as turning off ACC, Lane Keeping Assist, cycling the A/C, and more. With functions like oil pressure control test, brake vacuum pump, and coolant bleed, it enables precise control over vehicle systems. Additionally, it supports key programming for Asian cars, ensuring comprehensive vehicle management.

41+ Hot Reset Services

Featuring 41+ hot reset services, the TOPDON Phoenix facilitates maintenance tasks with scheduled procedures and a logical workflow. From Adblue reset to ABS bleeding, it covers a wide range of maintenance functions to streamline workshop operations. The inclusion of a QR code in the diagnostic report allows for easy sharing and viewing on mobile devices.

AutoVIN & AutoScan + All Available System Access + Active Test

The Phoenix scanner offers automatic connection to E*CU modules across all onboard systems, providing comprehensive scanning to identify faulty areas and retrieve related DTCs. With access to transmission, emission, fuel, engine, and more, it ensures thorough diagnostics. Additionally, it supports active testing, enabling users to assess specific subsystem/component status effortlessly.

E*CU Coding Scan Tool

The TOPDON Phoenix is a versatile scan tool featuring E*CU coding capabilities, compatible with various car brands including Benz, B.M.W, V.A.G, and Porsche. It offers guided functions for V.A.G and Porsche vehicles, as well as setting, changeover, modification, and personalization options for different brands. With AutoAuth access and 41+ hot reset services, it provides comprehensive diagnostic solutions.